SynchUp! is initiated by REWIN
Business opportunities

SMEs/start-ups can seize business opportunities by signing up to challenges issued by larger companies

Bio-based, circular & hightech

On SynchUp! you’ll find bio-based, circular and tech challenges issued by large companies

Innovation & business booster

Give your innovation & business a boost
in cooperation with a large company

Insights & solutions

SynchUp! offers larger companies
insights and solutions to the challenges they face

Business opportunities
Business opportunities
Bio-based, circular & hightech
Bio-based, circular & hightech
Innovation & business booster
Innovation & business booster
Insights & solutions
Insights & solutions
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Innovation & Business Booster Programme



New business, new customer!

  • Great chance to land a launching customer
  • No worries about your IP
  • A great stage for your company
  • Open innovation = learn from each other!
  • Expand your network
  • Financial support through innovation vouchers


Discover surprising solutions!

  • Successful match in 90% of challenges
  • More results in less time
  • The latest knowledge and insights, from true innovators
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel, work together
  • Join a network of gamechangers and experts
  • Benefit from all regional support facilities

About SynchUp!

SynchUp! revolves around large companies that need an innovative solution for a problem they face, which we call challenges. We connect these companies to the innovative capacities of SMEs/start-ups. Not only do we bring them together, but we also maximise their chances of finding a successful solution through close guidance and proven methodologies. In the end, the goal is to develop concrete solutions and stimulate transitions.


We are convinced that (open) innovation and strong regional ecosystems are a powerful driver of change and can help significantly accelerate certain transitions. And that’s our goal with SynchUp!, focusing especially on relevant themes such as the transition to a circular and bio-based economy, or to industry 4.0.

Stay informed

The real adventure for SMEs, start-ups and large companies only begins after they enter into an innovation contract. 54 successful matches are now in the development stage. Check out their testimonials and the latest SynchUp! news.