SynchUp! is initiated by REWIN

These are the SynchUp terms of use. SynchUp is a programme of REWIN Projecten B.V., Chamber of Commerce number: 20124412, having its registered office at Cosunpark 22, 4814 ND, Breda, the Netherlands, VAT number NL 8173.31.220.B.01. SynchUp also refers to REWIN Projecten B.V.  and vice versa.

About the programme

SynchUp is a programme that links issues of larger companies (challengers) to the innovative power of smaller SMEs (participants). The aim is to find solutions to the issues through co-creation. An online platform offers an opportunity for open innovation with participants being able to register for a challenge by uploading a pitch. If cooperation is possible, participants are invited to the ‘challenge weeks’ which may lead to an innovation contract. An innovation contract is a partnership agreement including a plan of action, which provides the basis for the partnership and the development process that is entered into (‘open innovation pilot’). Innovation vouchers can be linked to the innovation contract (in addition to the commitment of the challengers and participant) which can be spent in the region to the greatest extent possible. The development process is supervised by the SynchUp organisation and/or its partners for the period agreed in the innovation contract.

1. Definitions

Account: the page of a Participant on the SynchUp Platform where a Participant can edit his/her profile and where he/she can participate in Challenges. An Account is required to follow Challenges and receive updates.
Challenge: a challenge issued by SynchUp on behalf of a Challenger and posted on the Platform, challenging Participants to submit (upload) a written Pitch. The objective of the Participant and Challenger is to realise an Innovation Contract to jointly carry out an ‘open innovation pilot’.
Participant: a natural or legal person who has created an Account on the Platform for the purpose of following Challenges and/or taking part in one or more Challenges.
Pitch: pitch document uploaded by the Participant through the Platform with a solution direction (description of their start-up/company as well as an idea, prototype solution, product, service or application) in response to a given Challenge.
SynchUp: an innovation programme in which a match is sought between the Challenger and Participants (innovative SMEs) with the aim of realising innovations, accelerating transitions and strengthening the regional ecosystem. SynchUp acts as a facilitator and looks after the common interest in an independent way.
Challenger: company/organisation that has commissioned SynchUp to issue a Challenge. The Challenger decides with which Participant or Participants it wishes to conclude an innovation contract.
Platform: the platform that facilitates interaction and registration (
Challenge Weeks: period in which the Challenger and Participants get to know each other under the guidance of SynchUp coaches, assess whether there are any opportunities for collaboration, and (if promising) work together towards an Innovation Contract.
Vouchers: financial contribution linked to a concluded Innovation Contract to lower the threshold of pilot costs.
Innovation Contract: partnership agreement between the Challenger, the Participant or Participants and REWIN West-Brabant (as process supervisor on behalf of SynchUp).

2. Applicability

2.1 These terms of use apply to all Participants in SynchUp Challenges. The applicability of any other terms is expressly rejected.
2.2 By participating in a Challenge, you agree to these terms of use and related information (including briefings, privacy terms and rules of conduct). SynchUp has the right to modify these terms of use at any time. You will be informed of this.

3. How SynchUp works

3.1 SynchUp offers an online platform for Challengers (clients) where they can publish a Challenge in collaboration with SynchUp. Participants can respond by uploading their Pitch for the purpose of realising an Innovation Contract.
3.2 The statement in Article 3.1 is explicitly ‘for the purpose of’. SynchUp does not guarantee Participants and Challengers that they will actually realise an Innovation Contract. Participants and Challengers cannot derive any rights from this.
3.3 SynchUp reserves the right at all times to refuse Participants, to change or cancel a Challenge in consultation with the Challenger and/or to deny a Participant access to the Platform.

4. Challenges

4.1 SynchUp brings a Challenge to the attention of the public by, among other things, sending emails, carrying out promotions and by placing information on social media channels, websites and the Platform. Participants who want to take part in a particular Challenge have to upload their Pitch (document) before the deadline. Pitches must meet the requirements set out in these terms of use or in other applicable documents. Pitches received after the deadline will not be considered.
4.2 SynchUp is not obliged to correspond about not gaining access to the Challenge Weeks and/or an Innovation Contract.
4.3 SynchUp may provide further information (briefings) about the Challenge in question. This information, including additional terms, should be read carefully by the Participant and adhered to at all times.
4.4 SynchUp and the Challengers shall take due care when posting Challenges on the Platform, but shall not be liable for typing errors or any other inaccuracies.

5. Challenge Weeks

5.1 The Participant is obliged to be available during the period of the Challenge Weeks and to actively participate, if selected.
5.2 In case the Participant is not selected for the Challenge Weeks or does not conclude an Innovation Contract after the Challenge Weeks, he/she will be contacted for a possible parallel track.

6. Uploading a pitch to a Challenge

6.1 Participants must upload their Pitch (document) via the Platform, on the page of the relevant Challenge. The relevant Challenger can then view this (document) online. The document serves as a basis for selection for the Challenge Weeks.
6.2 The submitting Participant is personally responsible for protecting and therefore not mentioning any IP-sensitive information that has yet to be recorded.
6.3 The content of the Pitch is not accessible to other Participants and will not be shared with third parties without the permission of the submitting Participant. This is with the exception of the SynchUp organisation and its coaches who facilitate the process and independently represent the common interest.

7. Publication of Participation

7.1 Participants must take into account that the Challenger and SynchUp will announce on the Platform and via other channels which Participants have been selected for the Challenge Weeks and/or an Innovation Contract.
7.2 The Participant shall at all times cooperate with marketing and communication campaigns related to SynchUp.

8. Participation

8.1 Participation is only possible for natural persons acting in the course of a profession or business or for legal persons. All this insofar as they are correctly registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce.
8.2 SynchUp reserves all rights to reject Participants for any reason whatsoever. This can include the fact that the requirements of this article have not been met, or – but not limited to – the fact that the Participant runs a business with a purpose that does not ‘lend itself’ to the Challenge.
8.3 Registration can only be carried out by someone who can legally represent the natural or legal person.

9. Multiple pitches allowed per Participant

9.1 It is allowed to submit (upload) multiple Pitches, unless stated otherwise in the briefing and/or terms of a specific Challenge.

10. Intellectual property rights

10.1 The intellectual property rights of the solution proposed in the Pitch remain, in principle, with the Participant. If the Challenger and Participant decide to enter into a partnership, they will make further agreements in the Innovation Contract (if applicable) regarding intellectual property rights, such as copyright and all other related or neighbouring rights that the Participant has to the proposed solution. SynchUp plays no role in this (it is only a facilitator) and can never be held liable for it.
10.2 The Participant is aware that the Challenger takes note of the content of the Participant’s Pitch. By uploading the Pitch, the Participant explicitly agrees to this. The Participant is personally responsible for protecting and therefore not mentioning any IP-sensitive information that has yet to be recorded.
10.3 It may be the case that the Challenger is already familiar with the same or a similar project/idea as the Participant’s Pitch, or has conceived, created and implemented this itself. If this is the case, the Challenger will communicate this to the Participant at the time of the selection announcement or alternatively during the initial meeting between the Challenger and the Participant. The Participant cannot derive any rights from this.

11. Vouchers

11.1 The Participants who enter into an Innovation Contract with the Challenger may be eligible for Vouchers.
11.2 This should be read explicitly as ‘may be eligible’ for Vouchers. SynchUp does not guarantee Participants that Participants will actually receive one or more Vouchers.
11.3 Vouchers are awarded by the SynchUp organisation in consultation with the funding party. The organisation’s decision is final.
11.4 Vouchers will only be provided on the condition that there is an Innovation Contract demonstrating regional impact and the Vouchers are spent as much as possible in the region.
11.5 With reference to Article 11.4, Vouchers can be requested for, for example, a contribution to a pilot project, patent application or for making the innovation ‘investment ready’ (drawing up a business plan with a professional financial section and describing the investment issue). The purpose of the Vouchers is determined according to the needs arising from the Innovation Contract.
11.6 The budget of an Innovation Contract reflects the input of both the Challenger and the Participant or Participants. The Vouchers will be awarded on the basis of this budget and will be additional to the funds contributed by the Challenger and Participant or Participants. The Challenger and the Participant must jointly contribute at least the same amount in cash to the Innovation Contract as the requested voucher amount. The development cannot rest solely on the input from Vouchers.

12. Prohibited information

12.1 This article contains a non-exhaustive list of information that Participants may not include in or with their Pitch. The Participant guarantees that his/her statements do not contain the following information:
– information that may be considered discriminatory or otherwise offensive;
– information that is contrary to public morality;
– information in which personal data of others are made available;
– information that violates any law or regulation.

13. Liability of SynchUp

13.1 SynchUp shall not be liable for the content of the Challenges and the briefings, the assessment of the concepts, the Innovation Contracts and Vouchers and the Pitches.
13.2 SynchUp shall not be liable for any damage arising from an (attributable) failure in the performance of the agreement for the provision of services, the use of the Platform and participation in Challenges and/or any related services provided by SynchUp.
13.3 SynchUp shall never be liable for consequential losses. In addition, SynchUp is not liable for acts or omissions of Challengers, Participants and third parties, including the files, data, etc. that they make available on the Platform. SynchUp therefore does not offer any guarantees regarding the content of files, data, information and/or materials that are made available by Participants, Challengers and third parties.
13.4 The Participant shall indemnify SynchUp against any third party claims related to damage resulting from a defect/error in the Pitch (content/form), use of certain materials without third-party permission and all other third-party claims related to the content and form of the Pitch.

14. Other

14.1 These terms of use are governed by Dutch law.
14.2 All disputes arising from this agreement shall be submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.

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