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Towards an innovation contract | 2 participants to final stage + 9 more business opportunities

27 September 2023

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At the end of September, challengers Fokker Services Group (FSG)/Koninklijke Luchtmacht and Shell invited a total of 12 pitchers for a closer look. After the intensive matchmaking sessions in recent weeks, the big companies and the SynchUp! experts see potential in two of them to reach an innovation contract.

In principle, all parties had a good solution to the innovation issues. The challengers therefore both stress that choosing the winner was really in the details. FSG/Koninklijke Luchtmacht preferred a party from West Brabant. Shell chose as the winner a company elsewhere in the Netherlands. Those two participants are through to the challenge weeks. In this phase, the potential cooperation partners will work towards an innovation contract, and prepare a pilot.

More collaborations in the pipeline

Of the original 12, two are now through to the final phase of SynchUp! But because so many good ideas and proposals were submitted, many more collaborations turn out to be possible. With nine of the other candidates there are enough starting points for later collaboration; either in a continuation of the current challenge issue or in another project. In 2024, some of these companies will be approached to do so.

A very nice result!

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