SynchUp! is initiated by REWIN

This Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put the SynchUp! values into practice.

  1. With SynchUp! it is our goal is to build relationships based on reciprocity. SynchUp! is the professional party that facilitates and helps to maximize the chance of success. We choose our business partners based on trust, transparency and mutual responsibility. We expect from each other to protect one another’s reputation, as well as any information or property we entrust to each other.
  2. During the SynchUp! challenges, challengers and participants exchange information about each other’s company, business, relations and knowledge regarding production facilities, processes and the challenge for which the challengers seek a solution. Both parties and the witnessing SynchUp! partners shall keep the information they will receive confidential.
  3. It is advised that the participants and the challengers refrain from exchanging proprietary business secrets as long as either they haven’t laid down their proprietary knowledge in a patent application, or any other intellectual property right is not in place that offers them protection, and/or a complete and binding non-disclosure agreement is not in place.
  4. If the participant’s proposed solution appears to be already known by the challenger, the challenger will inform the participant about it immediately.
  5. In case an NDA is needed, the starting point will be the NDA of the challenger. It can and will be finetuned to the particular situation.
  6. Rights of ownership and intellectual property rights related to the proposed solution will be retained by the party which brought it into the cooperation. In the innovation contracts it will be captured how the participants and the challengers wish to use the results and organize the rights of ownership and intellectual property rights related to the ‘cooperation results’.
  7. Participants and challengers endorse and work according to the SynchUp! terms of service and general terms & conditions, which include the rights and obligations related to the challenge programme.

Respect for our partners, for the opportunity, and for each other are foundational to our success. We expect all of our participants, challengers, partners, employees and consultants to know and adhere to the code.