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Low risk, huge business opportunities

What kind of innovations do large companies need? Usually, this is a closely guarded secret, and even if you do manage to find out, getting in touch with exactly the right employee in the company can be very difficult. SynchUp! makes challenges clear and accessible, connecting you straight to the right people and securing the commitment and budget you and the large company need to get going. This offers tremendous business opportunities and lets you land a strong launching customer or launching partner. In other words: this programme is sure to give a huge boost to your innovation and your business!

Open innovation with a leading company

Guided by our experts, you will start working on your innovative idea together. And don’t worry: your IP is well protected from the get go. Do you have the solution to the challenger’s innovation needs?

Collaboration? Immediate business!

If you decide to collaborate, you will enter into an innovation contract: a guarantee that you will actually start working together. Your innovation contract also entitles you to an innovation voucher, a form of financial support worth up to EUR 10,000. You can redeem this voucher at regional support facilities, effectively eliminating certain expenses involved in carrying out a pilot.

Ongoing support and guidance

The support from SynchUp! does not stop when you sign the innovation contract. On the contrary. Our experts will continue to closely guide and support you and your partner. You will be provided with all the tools you need to successfully develop your product or service and to make sure that your partnership is a success.

Challenge launch

Hier kan nog een tekst onder geplaatst worden.

Sign up with pitch
Longlist is announced
Introduction to challenger
Shortlist is announced
Challenge weeks
Signing the innovation contract
Start of development process


Large companies







What do participants think of SynchUp!?

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‘Very professional approach. Everything was well prepared.’
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‘It is a smart project approach (ask the demand and look for solutions). We like it this way. Keep it up!’
AEP Polymers
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‘These initiatives are so important for connecting entrepreneurs with large companies for mutual benefit!’


Stay informed!

The real adventure for SMEs, start-ups and large companies only begins after they enter into an innovation contract. 54 successful matches are now in the development stage. Check out their testimonials and the latest SynchUp! news.