SynchUp! is initiated by REWIN


Contribute to a transition

Over the past three years, we have developed, improved and refined the process surrounding our bio-based and circular challenges as part of the BioVoice project. Now that the merits of the concept have been proven, we have expanded it and have now also started publishing challenges in other transition themes. In SynchUp!

We currently have several open circular/technical innovation challenges and will be adding challenges for other transition themes in due course. Together we can develop concrete solutions and stimulate important transitions!

BioVoice (circular biobased)

BioVoice, the successful predecessor of SynchUp! is a regional project for bio-based & circular innovation. Find all 28 BioVoice challenges in this section!


Circular economy: the concept that waste is a raw material and that products and services can be designed to keep resources in circulation.

Hightech & maintenance

Challenges aimed at modernising the manufacturing and maintenance industry. Robotics and digitisation/datafication/AI play a key role in this transition.