SynchUp! is initiated by REWIN

Selection made | 12 participants to the next stage of SynchUp!

27 September 2023

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14 September was the deadline for pitches around the Fokker Services Group/Royal Netherlands Air Force and Shell challenges. The ‘challengers’ then assessed the 24 proposals submitted: which ones could be a match for their desire to control certain things remotely from now on?

12 submissions theoretically met the formulated requirements/wishes, or gave sufficient reason to enter into discussion. These participants were selected for the follow-up process. Fokker Services Group/Koninklijke Luchtmacht and Shell have now invited them for a detailed introduction. Together, they will take the next step towards a possible innovation contract.

We will keep you posted!

Also, we will explore with our partners whether and how we can support the 24 participants not continuing in SynchUp! in their innovations in our region.

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