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2 NEW CHALLENGES | Business opportunities at Fokker Services Group/Koninklijke Luchtmacht and Shell

19 June 2023

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SynchUp! challenges

Today, we published two new innovation calls from large-scale enterprises. Until 14 September, SMEs, start-ups and others can submit their ideas or solutions and thereby earn an innovation contract; the key to concrete collaboration with a corporate and extended funding and support. SynchUp! will make available a €10,000 voucher for the development of a pilot project.

The new challenges
The large companies presenting a challenge to SMEs/start-ups are familiar names: Fokker Services Group/Koninklijke Luchtmacht and Shell. Both challenges revolve around ‘remote’ solutions to issues from the companies’ daily operations.

The two players in civil and military aviation are looking for a way to remotely support aircraft inspections and repairs. Shell would like to find a solution to remotely control manual valves from a single control point.

Watch the two challengevideos below:



Deadline: 14 September, 5pm
The period to participate in the two new challenges via uploading a pitch ends on Thursday, 14 September at 17:00. Interested SMEs, start-ups, sole traders and scientists can find all the necessary information and submit their idea on via the two challenges before then.

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