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13 September 2022

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SynchUp! innovation & business booster publishes three challenges
On 14 September, we – innovation & business booster SynchUp! – opened up three challenges. SynchUp!’s starting point is a large company’s request for a (circular-)technical solution to an existing problem. SMEs and start-ups can submit their idea or solution and earn an innovation contract; the key to concrete cooperation with a corporate and a comprehensive system of funding and support. A €10,000 voucher is available for the development of a pilot.

Challenging issues from big names
The large companies with a challenge are all three resounding names: Philips, Vanderlande and Fokker.
Philips is looking for a smart solution to purify liquid helium from MRI scanners on site and then reuse it. Vanderlande wants to valorise old conveyor belts in a useful way and Fokker hopes to find a partner through SynchUp! that can help them in their logistics challenge regarding aircraft seats. Three challenging issues for which the innovative power of SMEs and start-ups is most welcome.
In SynchUp!, by the way, those parties are not just brought together. By providing intensive guidance and applying proven methodologies, SynchUp! maximises the chances of success.

SynchUp! is derived from the successful BioVoice project. Since 2019, BioVoice opened up challenges, all around biobased/circular innovation issues. The handsome result so far: 54 concrete cooperation projects between large companies and SMEs/start-ups. These partners are now working together, some still on a pilot scale, others already towards further upscaling.

Deadline 3 November 17:00
The opening period of the three challenges ends on 3 November, 17:00h. Before then, interested SMEs and start-ups, as well as scientists, can find all the necessary information and submit their pitch on this website.

Parties behind SynchUp!
SynchUp! is an initiative of REWIN West-Brabant. For these challenges REWIN cooperates with Aviolanda, BOM, Port of Moerdijk, Municipality of Breda, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, PNO Consultants, Province of North Brabant and Region of West-Brabant. The aim of the cooperating partners: to offer SMEs and start-ups serious innovation and business opportunities, and to accelerate and monetize new knowledge and/or technology. For a stronger circular economy and tech sector in the regions involved.

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