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Introducing Arvia Technology’s water treatment system

19 July 2021

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Are you active in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals or engineering, procurement & construction sector (EPC) and are you involved in water management? Then the unique water treatment system of BioVoice participant Arvia Technology Ltd may be of interest to you.

After a successful pilot at challenger Cargill, the water treatment equipment can be admired in the demo facility of the Green Chemistry Campus (Bergen op Zoom) in September and October. This water treatment system uses adsorption and electrochemical oxidation to remove organic pollution from water. This combination makes the process very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You are most welcome to get up close and personal with the unique benefits it has to offer.

Nyex Rosalox™ Water Treatment System
Arvia Technology has designed a unique system to remove organic contaminants from mg/L to ppb from wastewater: the Nyex Rosalox™ water treatment system. The system: removes active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pesticides, insecticides and herbicides; treats hydrophobic organic compounds; polish COD from <300 mg/L to very low levels.

The combination of adsorption and oxidation technologies results in lower operating costs and the elimination of toxic sludge or secondary waste streams eliminates the need for solid waste incineration or disposal.

Make an appointment now!
Schedule an appointment now with Green Chemistry Campus’ business development manager Marcel Ernes via or +31 (0)6 40 33 17 66

The challenge of/pilot at Cargill
Water is essential to Cargill’s processes. It is used in various production steps and reused, after upgrading by means of centrifuges, membranes, etc. But a residual flow, containing minerals and a small amount of organic material, is discharged to water treatment plants.

At its location in Bergen op Zoom, Cargill has a pre-treatment process at its own water treatment plant, after which the residual water is further treated in Rilland-Bath and then ends up in surface water. This is done in a similar way in all Cargill factories worldwide. In order to use less fresh water, Cargill also wants to use this last residual flow in their process. How can this be made into ‘usable water’ again? And this in a cost-effective way?

Arvia has a solution
Cargill selected BioVoice participant Arvia to conduct a pilot together. The aim of this pilot is to validate whether Arvia’s technology can be used to remove the organic pollution from two residual water flows from Cargill (Sas van Gent), so that the water can be reused.

Results so far:

  1. Cargill sent samples to Arvia for lab testing, with which they achieved good results.
  2. Arvia shipped its equipment to Cargill in Sas van Gent to conduct pilot scale testing. It has been tested for two months. The results are not yet known at this time.
  3. If the test results are positive, the design of a ‘full scale system’ will commence.

Want to collaborate with Arvia?
Arvia is now looking for an EPC/distribution partner in our region to work with. Are you or do you know a party that can fill that role for Arvia? Do not hesitate to contact Bob Houpst!

Arvia Technology
Arvia Technology offers advanced water treatment equipment for the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and agri-food, among others. Watch an introduction below:

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