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Previous challenge yields patent

3 April 2023

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In one of the ongoing BioVoice (predecessor of SynchUp!) collaborations, a nice milestone has been reached. In fact, a patent has emerged from it!

Details about the parties and the technology developed cannot be shared due to an NDA, but the patent revolves around an innovative way of increasing the biobased content of a chemical feedstock used on a large, commercial scale, in a stable way.

Moreover, there is also interest in the innovation from a completely different market. A nice success for this small SME!

That is why you should participate
With SynchUp!, we stimulate the development of concrete solutions and the transition to a new economy. This is a long-term process. After all, the cooperation processes between large companies and SMEs/start-ups do not deliver tangible results immediately after the signing of the innovation contract. After all, the partners then only enter the pilot phase. And serious innovations simply need time to mature.

But participating in the challenge programme behind SynchUp! definitely means serious (business) opportunities. In 90% of the challenges, an organisation finds a (partial) solution to its problem and a collaboration is started.

And did you know that in 60% to 70% of the challenges, the solution comes from outside the sector in which big business operates? So don’t be too quick to think that your idea is too far removed from the subject matter or irrelevant, or that your pitch doesn’t stand a chance of passing the selection phase.

In short; keep an eye out for new challenges on this platform and if there is a lead, go for it!

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