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The challenge weeks have started

7 July 2021

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Yes! On July 5, we kicked off the challenge weeks. Yet another step closer to successful matches.

46 pitchers were previously invited by the challengers for a closer acquaintance. After the intensive matchmaking sessions of the past few weeks, the large companies and the BioVoice experts believe that 19 of them have the potential to conclude an innovation contract. They are through to the challenge weeks. A wonderful number!

But it doesn’t stop there!
In addition, 10 other collaborations are possible. The solution of those pitchers, for example, falls outside the scope of these challenges, but can offer a solution for another problem of a challenger. Or the solution can only be realized in the (much) longer term. In any case, there are sufficient starting points to perhaps come to collaboration outside BioVoice. The parties are now investigating this possibility.

In other words: 29 business opportunities for the region! We are very pleased with that number.

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