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SynchUp! innovation voucher for Overveld Machines and Fokker Services Woensdrecht

1 June 2023

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Fokker SynchUp 1-6-23

Pictured, left to right: Freek van den Heuvel (REWIN), Edwin Poldermans (Fokker Services Woensdrecht), Steven Adriaansen (gemeente Woensdrecht), Richard Beismann (Overveld Machines), Eric Schevenhoven (Aviolanda Aerospace) en Jacob Derks (World Class Maintenance)

Overveld Machines from Hoogerheide devised a way for Fokker Services Woensdrecht to efficiently and safely transport aircraft seats from the aircraft door to the hangar floor. SynchUp! rewarded the solution with an innovation voucher worth 10,000 euros.

Before Fokker Services Woensdrecht can perform major maintenance on an aircraft, mechanics must first dismantle and remove the seats from the aircraft. A manual, time-consuming and risky process for which the company had been looking for a solution for some time. “We tested several possible solutions, but without the desired result,” explains Edwin Poldermans of Fokker Services Woensdrecht.

With the help of the SynchUp! team, the issue was mapped out in detail and published as a challenge. Using its network and social media, the team proactively searched for SMEs and start-ups that could potentially offer a solution and asked them to submit a proposal. Freek van den Heuvel (REWIN) on behalf of SynchUp!: “With the two best providers, we then visited the hangar and started discussions. From there, the idea of Overveld Machines emerged as the best option.” In a number of in-depth discussions, the specifications were further discussed and a project plan and an innovation contract were drawn up.

Simple but good
Richard Beismann of Overveld Machines: “REWIN pointed me to the challenge and this challenging question was right up our street.” Overveld Machines came up with a lift with work platform and with mobile carriers. “The lift must be able to stop at different heights. The undercarriage must be sufficiently flexible to be manoeuvrable. It is important to prevent the system from damaging the aircraft and there should be no impact load on the aircraft floor.” Poldermans: “Overveld Machines’ idea is simple, but good. The lift allows seat sets to be lowered quickly, easily and safely and later raised again. It saves considerable time, and time is money.”

The SynchUp! innovation voucher of 10,000 euros is more than welcome, says Beismann. “It’s a nice kick-start to development. Fokker Services Woensdrecht is also investing a serious amount to make the pilot possible. The entire aircraft maintenance industry is struggling with this issue, so the potential for our company is huge.”

Beismann is “more than happy” with the support from the SynchUp! team. Poldermans of Fokker is also satisfied. Poldermans: “The whole process was so professional and went so well for us that we are launching a second challenge on 19 June.”

Overveld Machines
Overveld Machines specialises in devising and building custom-made machines for specific applications in bulk handling, flavouring, packaging and internal transport.

Fokker Services Woensdrecht
Fokker Services Woensdrecht engages in aircraft maintenance and repair, and conversion of aircraft into VIP aircraft and Special Mission aircraft. The company is located at Aviolanda Woensdrecht where it has six hangars and a paint shop. Fokker Services Woensdrecht is part of Fokker Services Group.



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